Freepbx pfsense lag after some time

Hi to all,
I hope that someone can point me to the right direction to fix this problem in a production environment, this is my situation:

  • a fritzbox VDSL router on top of the connections
  • next I have a PFSENSE 2.4.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) virtualized in a KVM HA CLUSTER environment with 2 dedicated nics WAN and LAN on the same phisical NIC
  • FREEPBX behind PFSENSE virtualized in the same cluster.
  • all my extensions are fanvil x4g phones

the freepbx is in the same subnet as all the 40 ip phones connected trough a gigabit switch, everything is fast and dedicated to this voip configuration without mixing data with sip. in this freepbx I have 4 pjsip trunks to the external world. I don’t need to connect remote extensions or strange things, simply local traffic and 4 pjsip trunks.

I have followed the tutorials about “disable source port rewriting” “Firewall Optimizzation Options: Conservative” and “firewal scrub” with no solution in pfsense.

This is what happens: let’s say I just restarted everything (freepbx and pfsense) at an initial stage everything works flawless but after ten minutes of massive calls(we have a call center) incoming calls (and not outgoing) starts to LAG around 2 seconds, then after restarting pfsense the LAG disappears. I noticed that if I restart a single fanvil then LAG will disappear for that particular phone for some time, no problems with outgoing calls that works perfectly.

I really cannot figure out of this and I’m receiving a lot of pression from my colleagues cause we have just migrated from multi BRI environment that obviously was very stable but very very very expensive and with a lot of limitations if compared to this new technology :frowning:

hope to fix this in some way, I think that this is related to pfsense cause if I put the freepbx behind the fritzbox I don’t have such problems but I’m not sure cause is difficult to investigate. something strange is that with soft phones this is not happening

I haven’t fixed this but I found that the dalay comes when an external call is ringing…let’s say:

  • ext100 is calling ext101 and are talking, everything is perfect
  • an external call is coming during the talk
  • ext100 and 101 starts to lag
  • phones stops ringing and slowley the delay disappears.
    CPU network local network bandwith is ok
    Really cannot figure out :frowning:

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