FreePBX + Patton4120

Hi, I’m totally new to FreePBX / Asterisk / Patton and working for 3 days now to get all working :slight_smile:

Actually I’m able to place calls and to receive calls on ONE MSN.

So far so good but I’m stuck on placing the inbound calls to the right Extensions.

My configuration looks like the following:
We have 3 ISDN MSN’s to test 993xx6, 993xx7, 993xx8
Patton 4120 Gateway

In FreePBX i’ve configured the Trunk as follows:
Trunk Name: SN4120
Outbound CallerID: 10001
CID Options: Allow Any CID
Max Channels: 2

Peer Details:

Aditionally i’ve configured an Inbound Route:
Description: ISDN_Incoming
DID Number: 99xx6
Extension: 999

And here’s the problem: If the DID field is blank all calls on the 3 MSN’s are placed on the Extension “999” if the DID field is 99xx6 it tells me that the number is not in service and no telephone is ringing.

I don’t find the mistake :frowning:

Can someone help?