I am very new to VOIP and PBX, but I managed to configure a FreePBX server and get it up and running.

Everything seems pretty good, except we haven’t settled on the SIP softphones we’ll be using. In the meantime we have been using ATAs with our old phones.

The 1st ATA were Grandstream HT-502, everything worked after tweaking the settings a bit, but they were unreliable (5 units all at different locations, all locking up randomly).

The new ATA we just got in are the Linksys/Cisco PAP2T units.

We’ve updated the firmware to the newest 5.1.6(LS), and we have the phones operational. The only issue we’ve encountered is that when a voicemail is left the MWI on the phones lights up BUT…

The MWI will not go off if you delete the message via the User Control Panel (ARI), it just stays lit, and you of course get the stutter tone as well.

The MWI will go off if you delete the message via the IVR using the phone.

So if someone deletes their message via the ARI then to stop the stutter tone and flashing light, we need to leave another message and delete it using the IVR (*97/*98).

Any ideas?


Was there any resolution to this problem?
I have even worse case as I have a flash ring instead of stutter tone and flashing light message indicator. Very annoying.

FreePBX, settings, voicemail admin, settings, scroll way down to pollfreq and pollmailboxes. Make sure it is anabled and freq is a low number, 5 seconds or so.