Freepbx pap2

I’m new to IP PBXs, bone that I have not much experience.
FREPBX I have a PBX with a SIP account correct mind works, to date I want to add an analog line that we have to call or receive calls without going through the switchboard, I purchased a Lynksys PAP2 and would like to ask for help to configure …



It comes with a documentation CD. Once you plug it into the network it obtains an address via DHCP. If you connect a phone to it and dial “****” you will be in command mode. I think 110# reads back the IP.

Once you have that IP you can browse to the configuration interface and setup your server parameters. You configure it as an extension in Asterisk.

Thanks for your interest and your quick response.
I think I did not explain well, what I do is set up a PAP2 to add a line analog mind we currently have a cordless phone,
the idea is to use that line

Sorry but the English translator did not translate correctly expressed what

If I recall the Cisco PAP2 is an FXS device, so you would plug phones into it.

What you need to interface a phone line into your system is an FXO device.

This is a good explanation on FXS vs. FXO.

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