FreePBX paging to an ATA device

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Have paging setup and working correctly on all my cisco and aastra phones. The issue I’ve run into is that the Paging module (v2.8.0.1) doesn’t support ATA’s. I can dial the ATA directly and the paging works, but for some reason when I dial the paging group (800) it doesn’t work.

Any ideas? If you need more information, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide!


I don’t think ATA’s respond to the auto answer code. Since they don’t have speaker why would they?

It sounds like you need a paging gateway. The Valcom IP series work great.

Scott, thanks for the quick response,

Sorry I forgot to mention this, I already have a paging gateway, which is why when I dial the ATA’s registered extension, I am able to page over the overhead paging speakers. The problem comes when I dial the paging group (800), which will page all of the Cisco SPA5xx and Aastra phones, just not over the ATA (even though the paging works fine if I dial the extension directly.)

So the paging module uses the auto-answer code? If that’s the case, any one have any ideas on how to “page/intercom” all phones by dialing their extensions so I could maybe just configure a ring group (already tried putting the page group into the ring group, doesn’t work).

Any help is appreciated!

Yeah that’s interesting. So the ATA’s completely ignore the alert-info auto answer header and don’t even ring?

If you have an analog paging adapter I am sure it is actually picking up and supervising the line to the ATA. That’s why it works if you call the extension.

Yes, it is ignoring the alert-info auto answer header and doesn’t even ring. When I dial the paging group, all the phones auto-answer as they are programmed to… just the ata that isn’t.

Is there anyway to put the paging group into a ring group or some other misc destination that will make it work?