Freepbx Page loads very slowly

My freepbx page hangs frequently. It asks for the login, but the page doesn’t seem to load after login and then loads after a long time say 5 minutes.

When i looked at the httpd status in the console, i saw many instances of httpd process running…

[email protected]:~ $ /etc/init.d/httpd status
httpd (pid 17123 16866 16847 16846 16843 16833 16474 6097 6096 6095 6094 6093 6092 6091 6090 6086) is running…

Then i tried to restart the httpd service and now it works. But this happens very frequently.

Can someone please advice on this.

Many Thanks

It seems that your httpd crashes or hangs, that is a Linux issue, as you have not told us anything about your version of Linux I don’t think that you will get any answers.

However, my suggestion is that you update your system by using the tools supplied by your Linux version.