FreePBX outgoing call not working


I have already created a support ticket with Grandstream as I think this is probably an issue with my HT813, rather than FreePBX, but I thought I’d check here just encase.

I am having a really strange problem where I can’t place calls to landline / mobile numbers… but I can still call numbers such as 1471 and the external 123. If I try to make an outgoing call to landline / mobile numbers, I get the PSTN network message telling me to check the number and try again?

I set up syslog on the HT813 and FreePBX is passing the correct number over to the HT813. I was just wondering if anybody here would maybe have an idea of what might be wrong here?

PS. I recently upgraded the firmware on the HT813 - I’m going to assume it’s the firmware that’s broke something. I’m trying to downgrade it back to what I had before but that’s proving to be a challenge.


This must be firmware related to the HT813. I downgraded the firmware back to then Both versions allow me to place outgoing calls to landline / mobile. If I then upgrade back to the current, outgoing to landline / mobile doesn’t work. I wonder if anybody here has had the same problem? Still waiting for a response from Grandstream.

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