FreePBX outbound route to A2Billing custom trunk...NOT working!


i have followed the instructions on the last post of

I have successfully created an outbound route that sends to an A2Billing Custom Trunk from FreePBX and everything works perfectly fine except for one thing.

The Dial Pattern on the Outband Route OR Custom Trunk DO NOT work!

for example i have set it up that in the outbound route the dial pattern is 9|.

so its supposed to take any number starting with 9, strips the 9 and sends that number. this happens with any other outbound routes dial pattern, but with the A2Billing dial pattern it still sends the 9 and A2Billing is unable to find the matching rate because there is none!

SO does anyone know whats going on? why isnt FreePBX applying the Diall Pattern rules on this custom A2Billing trunk?

Check your custom settings again. Mine worked…