FreePBX or Trixbox CE?

I need help from the experts here, i am new to this and i need to install a system to which supports conference(Meetme) and followme in addition to other features. Which is the best system for me? and which version i should go with. Thanks

Let me ask you this. Have you done any research at all? If you had you would have noticed that the trixbox project has not been updated in well over a year and has been abandoned by the developers. When it was active they had recently “forked” FreePBX and never took care of their branch. They have now walked away from the project.

If you read our blogs you would have seen that the FreePBX team released our own ISO distro.

The only other distribution that is keeping current is FreePBX in a flash.

Certainly Conferences and Follow me are core features in FreePBX.

Thanks a lot for a very quick response. Yes i did not get any answer for the post i did on trixbox hence i needed more info.
No i know what is best for me and i will move on with FreePBX…

You have only two real choices:

The FreePBX Distro


PBX In A Flash