FreePBX Option Select

So whenever, I call some numbers they present to us options, which you can select which further redirect you to the person you want to speak to the appropriate representative respectfully about your issue. However, whenever I call these numbers, an I punch in the number to select the options presented to me, nothing happens.

For example, if the ivr of the phone number we have dialled, says please press 1 for Italian, and 2 for English; whenever we press 2 for English, nothing happens and then the ivr replays again. In short we cant select options through any ivr when we call to other numbers.

Now I don’t whether its a problem with our phones or with our VOIP system, but I highly doubt there is a problem with the phone systems we are calling

We are using FreePBX 13, and cisco spa504g phones, along with there old linksys counterparts as well, a mix between those two.

Thanks and regards, Osman

You need to use “dtmf mode” that works over all of your hardware/network