Freepbx only supported on sangoma linux distribution

I currently have FreePBX installed on centos OS and am going to upgrade from 13 to 14. Another engineer told me that FreePBX is going in the direction of not supporting other linux distrobutions. Is this true and will I be stuck on FreePBX 14 if I stay on centos?

FreePBX is independent and can be installed on any Linux/BSD server. This is always the case it is Open source. Commercial modules are only supported on the distro as of 7+.

Some debugging may be difficult in other platforms, Our support team may not be able to help on other platforms.

What he might have meant was “Commercial Modules are only supported on the FreePBX Distro.” In that regard, his statement is kind of correct. FreePBX itself is OS agnostic (I’ve run it on NetBSD).