FreePBX on windows

Is FreePBX supported on windows.Can someone please tell me where I can find installation instructions to install FreePBX on windows?

can’t install on windows…

thanx for the reply but I’d like to know what are the main reasons.In what areas is it architecture dependent.

Asterisk for starters…

Freepbx is GUI to configure Asterisk, Freepbx by itself does nothing.
Asterisk does not run under windows.

There have been win32 ports. The only ones I can think of off hand are very old now, but they do exist. I’ve never run them, but I can’t imagine that they’re very solid.

Last one I saw and played with was two years ago and it you at that time purchased top of the line hardware it worked. The Gui was the killer part it just took so much resources on the box. now a days a quad core, dual processor box would be able to hand the CPU load (Yes way overkill for a linux distro).

The bigger issue is hardware support.

One non-sarcastic comment (savor the moment they don’t come often).

You speak of FreePBX in a disembodied form. FreePBX works in concert with Asterisk, MySQL, Apache, PHP and a host of other applications to create a full featured Open Source PBX. You aren’t just porting an application but an environment.

If you want to try it out without dedicating a machine any of the distributions including AsteriskNow, which includes FreePBX will run in a virtual machine under windows or windows virtual PC. You can boot the ISO right in the VM.

supund, You can access FreePBX from a Windows OS machine via Firefox. FreePBX is web based Asterisk management system.

Since it is web based, almost any OS can access a FreePBX system. But, as others have mentioned that is always a Linux box of some flavor.

I suppose you could run a VMWare image of an AsteriskNow or PBX in a Flash system on a Windows OS box, but that would not be for production.

true, but he did say “installation instructions to install FreePBX on windows”.

thanx all I didn’t want freepbx alone but the whole stack on windows it seems that cannot be done

If you’re running a new enough server OS, then perhaps you could virtualize the environment so that you could have a virtual machine. No additional hardware required.