FreePBX on VMWare ESXi 4

I wanted to install FreePBX as a vmserver for testing purposes. I’m using ESXi 4.0 Update 2. Everytime I tried to install, I couldn’t get past the first few screens. Kept locking up, or won’t even boot. I searched these forums, and saw mention of VMWare and VMWare Player, but not specific GuestOS settings. I’m install Distro version

After trial and error, I just wanted to post the settings I used to help anyone else out. I’m sure the settings will be the same for ESXi 4.1 or 5.

Create a new Guest OS/VM, Custom Config, Virtual Machine 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (32-bit), 1 processor, 256MB RAM, Set NIC Adapter to E1000, LSI Logic Parallel, SCSI (0:0).

I do have a couple questions though, for people that use Free PBX in VMWare alot. Should I go with a 64-bit Guest OS? Does it matter? Will FreePBX work better with 2 processors. Has anyone else used a different Guest OS platform and works well, other than RHLE 4 32bit?

And lastly, I did some research, with little luck, about reccomended RAM and Hard drive sizes. I know it all depends on load, etc, but for a basic setup, like 10 extensions, minimum RAM? minimum Hard Disk Space?


It is based upon CentOS 5.5 32-bit, so set that as the Guest OS in VMware.

I used all the default options for the rest. I had it working on VMware Player initially, then moved it to ESXi 5.

I have 10 extensions on 1 processor/core (Nehalem, 2.5GHz), 1.5GB RAM, 15GB HDD, thick provisioned. Works fine. 3-way conferencing works well too.

Hi, i know this is an old post, but how did you move the freepbx from vmplayer to esxi? ive put esxi 5.5 on a server and tried moving my VM’s over and all i get is an error to say it cannot fing the hard disc? please help


Not familiar with VMware’s VMPlayer. I do know that VMware Workstation 9.x/10.x will allow you to connect to a networked ESXi host (v4.x and 5.x) and copy/move VMs from your workstation to the ESXi host and back. Try the 30-day trial version from their site and see if it helps any.