FreePBX on VM

Hi, badly need some help.

I am new in PBX world and trying to setup a Voip with my phone(w/ softphone) and Computer. I installed FreePBX-Asterisk to the virtual machine VMWare as my server for my computer and phone. i installed Softphone to my computer and registered to the FreePBX and i could dial and ring my Softphone. however, i could not connect external device to the FreePBX. in my case, my phone with Zoiper installed. with Chan_SIP
Host:IP of PBX:5160
it is always as Not Registered or timeouts.


im registering multiple times and somehow believe that my phone is being blocked by fail2ban.
do i have to configure that theyll be in the same network? but my softphones in PC still works fine with that IPs.

Thanks for help