FreePBX on Synology Disk Station

Hello everybody,

I have a DS508 (comparable with the 509+). It’s a diskstaion, others like to call it NAS-server, from
A great product but I found out that you can do alot more with it. So I’ve installed asterisk by installing nslu2-optware and used ipkg to install it.
(More info:
(More info:

Everything working fine, I have installed the extra sound package, and the diskstation itselve already has php , mysql, etc installed.
The OS on the diskstation is busybox.

Now I’m wondering, has anybody ever tried to install freePBX on a synology disk station or on a busybox installation?

Got it running on a pogoplug with Optware on busybox 1.70. FreePBX 2.8 and Asterisk 1.6.