FreePBX on one, Asterisk on other server

What I like to do is install Asterisk and MySQL on a LinkSys NSLU2 with a 10GB USB harddisk and install FreePBX on an other machine (not just the web-interface, but the whole FreePBX php software). I than would like FreePBX to configure Asterisk on the NSLU2 (because the NSLU2 does not have enough ‘power’ for the whole suite).

Has anyone has experience with this setup or does anyone has suggestions on how to set this up??

Help would be very much appreciated!


There’s a couple components to this:

  • Getting config files to the device
  • Allowing freepbx to communicate with the manager
  • Handling CDR
  • Voicemail storage

The config files are generated by retrieve_conf. It should be possible to configure your astetc directory to be another location (eg, an NFS share … or just a temp dir, and then you can copy them afterwards. There’s actually a POST_RELOAD hook (I can’t remember offhand if that’s the actual name for amportal.conf) where you can configure a script to run after reload is finished.

Communicating with the manager is pretty straightforward, just make sure that asterisk allows remote connections. I can’t remember if freepbx is hardcoded for localhost or what the config variable is. may help.

As far as CDR and voicemail - if you don’t want to use the freepbx Reports and ARI interfaces, it doesn’t even really matter what you do.

CDR could be handled with an external mysql server (likely you wouldn’t want to store this on your embedded device anyways).

I’m not really sure what the best way to do voicemail - suffice to say that if you want to use ARI to listen to voicemail, then the system running ARI (the program freepbx includes for listening to voicemail) needs to be able to access it.

I guess one other concern may be voicemail.conf - asterisk actually modifies it when you change your password. So if freepbx overwrites it, it will not pick up the newest passwords. I guess you’ll have to periodically copy it back to the freepbx system (freepbx reads it before writing it out again, so it doesn’t change passwords).

Keep us updated on how you do, you may want to even start a wiki page for it.

Greg MacLellan - Core FreePBX Developer
http// - #freepbx

Sorry I am a newbie at this stuff.
I need to upgrade my Freepbx 2.2.1 to the latest version.
HELP !!!
I am not sure how to do this. The Commands are very confusing. Can I do a (yum -y update) to do this.?
I have Putty and or WeBmin if that helps.

Thanks for any help.
R. Lennon

Please don’t change the topic of the posted thread. Doing what you have done here is one was to clearly get ignored and then you’ll be upset because nobody has responded to you.

In the case of having a question like this select support, forums on the left hand side and start a whole new thread.

HINT: search the site looking for upgrading. You can’t miss it.

Just wondering if you’ve got anywhere with this as I’m considering the same set-up

Before seeing this post, I tried the following and basic functionality at least seems working:

Download and run the trixbox VMWare image and the VMWare player.
Configure using FreePBX
Copy all /etc/asterisk to the NSLU2
Edit asterisk.conf for the new paths

From then on, make changes on the VM and then re-copy extensions.conf, sip.conf and iax.conf back to the NSLU2.

While this seems to work, I don’t really like it as a permanent solution. But at the moment editing the conf files for more than simple changes (e.g. ring groups, etc) by hand seems a bit daunting. I will try Greg’s suggestion.