FreePBX on LXC w/ Commerical module support

I’ve done my due dilligence in searching for this and found a number of similar posts in the forums and in the wiki. Most notably this one:

Rob says “Unfortunately, we’ve had to remove that page, as there have been potential legal issues raised”

Is there a solution here? What are the legal issues and can they be overcome?

I’l like access to commercial modules on my hosted boxes (proxmox) using LXC because it’s far better at resource sharing than KVM and I can stretch hardware out substantially more but really it’s that I can dynamically shift resources in LXC. Need more ram? apply. More CPU? apply. no reboots, no service gaps.

No solution sorry and we cant discuss the leag reasons publically. The only way to get commercial modules is to use the distro from the iso.

Get the iso into your lcx. Its how we utilize vsphere.

2 Things. A:

How? LXC is a container, I can’t boot an ISO there

Any chance at all you guys would consider just endpoint manager outside of the official ISO?

No we only support commercial moduels with users who use unmodified FreePBX Distro.

ok, tangental request… Raspberry Pi ‘official’ image so I can buy endpoint manager?

Not going to happen anytime in the foreseeable future.

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