FreePBX on Hyper-V VM with PRI?

I have been running FreePBX in a Hyper-v 2012 R2 VM for a couple months with a Google Voice number. IT works very well. Has anyone seen a write up or a post on how to setup PRI with a FreePBX VM? Logically it seems it should be possible [in my mind] by connecting the PRI to a NIC that is only mapped/linked to the FreePBX VM through a virtual switch.

Has anyone accomplished/tried this?



There is no reliable way to do this with a PCI card. If you have an old Cisco router (or pick one up on eBay) you can put a PRI card in it and use it as a gateway. Top end stuff at give away prices.

Thanks for the info! So the only type of phone lines you can use with a VM is network based [VOIP, Google voice…].


No, you can use a PRI with a gateway as I suggested. The router converts the PRI to SIP.