FreePBX on compact flash

I’m playing around some embedded installations on various “surplus” hardware
What about to install distro on a 32GB (60-120 MB/s) compact flash as main drive ??
Thank you

Except for the log file and voice mail file churn, you should be fine. I regularly install FreePBX on 320G drives with no problems.

Because of the rewrite “wear” that CF card experience, you will want to make as much of the system read-only as you can.

Thank you for answering,
So should i apply same philosophy to SSD based pbx ?
I have a pair running kingston ssdnow since early 2014 with no issues, while in a third classic samsung HDD machine started later I have already replaced the faulty disk, just…luck ??
Perhaps a NAS grade HDD should be used,

No reason to go crazy - Compact Flash rewrite cycles are harder on the drives then SSD rewrite cycles. They are different technologies, and SSDs are designed to be more resilient than CF drives. Losing a standard HDD is not that unusual - it’s mechanical, so things happen. They are all designed to wear out - planned obsolescence is how most product companies stay in business.

In spite of all of that, a CF drive should work fine - I just wanted to remind you to be aware that CF drives are less tolerant to rewrites. For most applications, the limitation is still pretty workable, just be aware. If you are building a system that is fanless, for example, the SDD drive generates less heat and would be easier on the rest of the hardware than a drive with stepper and spindle motors…