FreePBX on Cloud

Hi to all,

We are going to provide hosted PBX and for this we use FreePBX. I know that Sangoma provides PBXact services now.
But we like to hear more from people that run it and stories. What is your idea about Docker?
We made an image for FreePBX on Docker.
What is your idea about hypervisors?
Is there any lighter ISO image for deployment in cloud? because standard ISO needs more storage and time for installation.

Please share with us your experiences.

Any idea friends?

You probably meant PBXact Cloud. (Wiki)

I myself have never worked with PBXact cloud, but there are many people who have FreePBX running on AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and many other VPS hosting services, as well as, some have it in their own “Private Cloud Center”.
If you want more details than listed on the website how PBXact cloud works, I suggest you contacting sales.

There’s a image for Raspberry Pi’s but I’m not sure if you’ll be able to run it… as well as no support for commercial modules, and half of FreePBX features are not installed by default.

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