FreePBX on a hosted VPS, clients on Dynamic IP - Security concerns

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My hosting provider offers Linux VPSs on Virtuozzo, VMWare and Xen, and the Linux distros can be CentOS, Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu. My hosting provider is suggesting I use Xen because Virtuozzo has sound-card problems(?). So, I’m thinking that I’ll go for a CentOS or Ubuntu install on a Xen VPS.
Can I just install FreePBX on the VPS, and then have my client VOIP hardware connect directly, or should I use a VPN? Are there any other security concerns, or should I be looking for a provider that offers a pre-configured, hosted solution?
I have a single office location with a dynamic IP.
Any pointers to tutorials/how-to’s on setting up a VPS hosted install would be appreciated.

I am a huge fan of preconfigured systems. Have you looked at the instructions for installing Asterisk and FreePBX? Are you comfortable with them? If you know your way around Linux you can save quite a bit by “rolling your own”. You also have to be concerned with how much the provider oversubscribes the virtual servers. PBX’s are very sensitive to timing issues.

My company offers dedicated blade servers, managed VPN services and our data center is on net with all of our downstream carriers. It’s a high quality solution with guaranteed levels of service. I thought I would mention the option. You can PM me if you would like to chat about our services.

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