Hi all,
I’m looking for a OCX for FreePBX
Is there anything out there?


what is ocx?

A.K.A ActiveX control
(like a dll, but better…)

It will allow you to connect to the FreePBX services from a 3rd party programming…
I wold like to build a program that will act as a school bell system, programming it in Magic (Unipass)

2 different worlds here.

FreePBX is a front end for Asterisk. No windows, no activeX, No dll files.

That said

has scheduling features which folks use for bell systems.

I think you’re probably more interested in our REST API.

Yes, I need something like this, but much more flexible…

  1. I need to be able to get MOH, intercom, different sounds, etc… for specific groups
  2. I need it to integrate with our teacher scheduling system

When you build a softphone, you need to integrate it with Asterisk, normally you use DLL, but you can Also use an OCX, it is more flexible…