FreePBX not Responding Intermittently

I have two SIP Trunks and 100 DID numbers from Recently I have been noticing intermittent call failures. I see the signal coming to my Freepbx, it send 100 trying and then nothing after that. They have 2 IPs that they send call from, problem is with only one IP, if the call some from other IP it works just fine. What might be wrong, where should I check.

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Do you have a trunk set to receive calls for each “host” that is sending calls to you?

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Found the issue, contact support team and they helped me trouble shoot the issue. It was a typo in the IP, that’s why calls were failing from one IP. Everything works perfect.
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To help others that might come here looking for help, there are lots of places that have “odd” IP addresses (like VOIP Innovations), all of the digits in the IP address are important, even the ones that can’t possibly be right. I had this exact same problem with them and tried troubleshooting it on and off for a year before we figured it out.