Freepbx not printing faxes?

I have configured my fax settings in FreePBX and everything is working fine. I currently have an ATA hooked up to a fax machine, which successfully sends out faxes. It is also receiving them perfectly fine, however, when it comes to receiving faxes, it is not printing them. It is only sending them out via email.

Do I have something configured wrong that is not prioritizing printing over email results?

BTW, I whited out personal information such as DID numbers out of those screenshots. But the settings are present.

There is no automatic print function as far as I know.

Are you expecting your fax machine to receive and print faxes? If so route fax calls to the fax extension, not to fax recipient.

Yes I am. Apart from routing the DID to the fax extension (9999 in this case), does anything else have to be enabled or disabled for automatic printing?