FreePbx Not listening port 5060 and 10000-20000 RTP ports

Hallo Recently i had installation freepbx in centOS 6.4 but SIP port 5060 and RTP port 10000-20000 not listening or not open my linux inbuilt firewall Iptable not working i mean disabled any one please help me ?

  1. did you set up iptables rules? and if so what are they?
  2. if you did not do anything with iptables, then exactly what is the problem? does internal extension to extension calls work?
  3. what does your configuration look like? are the phones local to the pbx or are you trying to use remote phones? what are you using for connecting to the telco - sip trunks? analog lines?
    it is much easier to help when you provide some basic data

How do you know that Asterisk is not listening on 5060 or 10000-20000? What have you done to prove this?

“technical” questions:)