Freepbx Not finding Accounts in SuiteCRM when using "other" phone numbers

Freepbx isn’t updating the SuiteCRM Account module when a call comes in/out on a line that isn’t the primary phone number. It appears the lookup isn’t searching all fields that have have the type “phone,” and instead only the primary number.

In a world of alternative numbers including cellphones along with office and home, this isn’t acceptable.

That escalated quickly…

Since you appear to be the first person to need this, have you done your part and submitted a ticket to either fix or add the feature?

I have only posted here, albeit if you’re kind enough to explain what my part is in terms of a ticket (the forum appeared to be more appropriate as maybe it’s a setting I failed to set etc…), I can and will do so.

Thank you

SangomaCRM is a commercial module, so there’s not a lot of transparency into it from our (the users) persective. We may be able to help you with a setting or have a trick or two we’ve figured out, but since it’s not a ubiquitous feature, your chance of catching someone that has a similar problem is smaller than if you have a problem with FreePBX “in the large.”

One thing to double-check is that the phone number you are looking up is, in fact, spelled exactly the same as the one on your CRM database. Something as simple as dashes, spaces, county codes, or E.186 encoding can screw up your lookup. You might want to check that out before you submit a ticket, if only because you want to short-circuit the questions that will inevitably come back from Support.

There are a few directions you can go:

  1. You can submit a “Support” ticket for the commercial SangomaCRM package (through the “Support” link at the top of the page). Since this is a commercial package, you may also be able to get some telephone support as part of your support for it.
  2. You can submit an “Issues” ticket, but this would only be approriate if the module says that it supports alternate phone number lookups.
  3. You can submit a “Feature Request” ticket. This would lay out the course of action you’d like to see and how you think this capability enhances the operation of the system.

I’d pick one. I’d start with a support ticket and make sure the system is or isn’t supposed to do what you are expecting. If it turns out to be a setting or option that you missed (a possibility) then you’ve got your answer and can report back the solution to help out your karma.

If it turns out that this was an oversight in the design, they could extend your support ticket to solve the problem.

Now, just to make sure we’re on the same page - SugarCRM’s phone pop-up system has always supported the “all phone numbers” theory of operation, so the SangomaCRM module “missing” that would violate the Rule of Least Astonishment.

There appears to be paid support and community support. I’m not immediately seeing an option to submit a ticket.

I’ve bought a few paid modules, and without exception I can say I wish I would have not done so. From (this) user’s point of view, it’s cheaper (TCO) to have things customer programmed. I’m also not fully convinced based on what I’ve read from Freepbx people they place a high value on client service, so I don’t have a huge amount of motivation to expend time trying to “prod” them into assistance. In fact, after two weeks, they haven’t chimed in here neither. Anyway, this isn’t meant to be a rant …or at least I didn’t start with that thought.

Going back full circle, it’s the lookup that’s the issue, not the formatting of the number etc…when I attempt a lookup with changing numbers in the fields, it works as intended/expected.

If your module has active maint on it which is included for the first year for free after purchase just go to and open a support ticket under commercial module section in FreePBX.

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You started this thread 4 days ago. Not two weeks ago. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to reply to every thread in our open source community forums however as Tony and others have said commercial modules support is open to you and its free.

Id also like to say that attempting to code your own suitecrm/sugarcrm module into freepbx or asterisk is harder than you think.

As for the issue with this thread I believe the code queries all phones numbers but this would have to go through support to actually verify.

I stand corrected and apologize. I was tired and misread “1/7” which appears to mean first of seven posts instead of the date Jan 7th.

I bought the module over a year ago. Both myself and my “linux guy” attempted to get it to work, and either due to the locations and/or NAT issues, it didn’t work. I then let it sit until our structure changed and have the time to make it work, which was recently, so it’s beyond a year.

I popped a look under the hood this weekend and it appears the code is compiled, so I’m not able to edit it to work for me. Maybe Freepbx will edit the code to make it work, and that will be great.


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