FreePBX not accepting forwarded calls

Hi - I have been struggling with the following issue for a while now and have no more ideas how to solve it … So your help is very much appreciated.

I have an updated FreePBX installation and a trunk from and around 50 phones connected. Everything works perfectly, actually very impressed by FreePBX, BUT something stopped working a few weeks ago:

  • FreePBX does not seem to accept calls that are being forwarded to one of the trunk numbers. So: ringing a trunk number (say “ABC”) from externally works perfectly, BUT when you ring a number (say “FFF”) that is redirected to “ABC” from externally FreePBX doesn’t react, no log entries, no ringing, and the call gets hungup after 20s or so.

The strange thing about that is that it used to work for months and all of a sudden it stopped.

I know that the redirect through “FFF” is definitely working, tested it with a redirected landline, a redirected mobile phone. Also when I configure the trunk into a sip client (x-lite or so), it does pick up the redirected call, only FreePBX chooses to ignore the call.

Is there anything that changed in the FreePBX architecture or something I am missing out on?

Any help would be very much appreciated !!!

Thanks and Merry Christmas !!!

Have you looked in the asterisk log and seen what happens on the incoming call?
The log is your friend…

Actually there is absolutely nothing in the Asterisk logfiles indicating an incoming call (for forwarded calls), for “direct” calls the logs show up everything just as expected. It almost seems like FreePBX is telling my SIP trunk provider: “Don’t bother sending me INVITES for forwarded calls, I do not want to accept them” … Any more ideas?

Did you have the SIP debugging turned on or just basic verbosity?