FreePBX Non-functional After Power Loss

After losing power, when attempting to boot into FreePBX, the following is displayed.

It looks like a kernel panic on the mounting of your root drive partition. I hope you had a backup.

To quote the Bard: “Thou art boned, Horatio.”

Hi Dave,

I had a full backup and a warm spare so I was able to get back up and running pretty quickly. I just have never seen that before so I thought that I would throw it on here to see if anyone had any clue.

I’m curious if it was a hardware issue or just something completely random. I’ve had FreePBX systems lose power before but I have never had one crash when it has happened.

This isn’t a FreePBX problem, it’s a Linux (or rather “your operating system here”) problem. Root partition corruption can happen during power fails, which is why we always say “if you don’t have a backup, you don’t have a system”. Good on you for having the warm spare - I’ve had partition table corruption happen on several systems, and the most common solution was to drop the drive into the recycling grinder and start over.

Thank you, sir! I really appreciate the insight. Have a great one!

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