FreePBX no update

hello, install a freepbx 14 server in a cpu for a small telephone exchange, after installing it I can not update the module because it does not connect to the Internet. I would like you to help me with this problem

That’s not enough information. if you can’t

. . . connect to the Internet . . .

then nothing will work, how did you install . . . a freepbx 14 server . . . ?

What is your hardware?
What is your OS?
Through what interface are you expecting to connect to the internet through?
Does your router/gateway/modem/cablebox/thingy allow that?

install freepbx the distro “SNG7-PBX-64bit-1712-2” in a cpu I can not update the module apparently does not access the internet I try to ping and it does not work

Maybe get a good old fashioned USB to ethernet adapter for 6 bucks on ebay,

to get you through, RedHat is notorious for not using a kernel that supports newer hardware. (newer being several years :wink: )

hehe. I’m wrong. RH7 doesn’t support older hardware either

So you will have to find one neither too new nor too old for RH, go figure :wink:

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