FreePBX Module Admin - Automatic Updates

I was curious what the majority of others out there set their model admin to regarding automatic updates. In IT, automatic updates for servers aren’t usually enabled because one might introduce a problem but I was wondering if it is more common to enable automatic updates of modules for FreePBX. thoughts?

Module Admin does not do automatic updates, it will inform you if there is an update but that is it. The only module that can do automatic updates is System admin PRO, but it just updates FPBX versions.

I would have to agree with @brumar59’ s concerns , in very recent history there have been situations where you were left without a functional name resolver if you had enabled automatic updates , this is in general a “bad thing” and indeed a big problem for those unlucky ones who followed that creed and unresolveable without manual intervention :wink: , caveat implementer, I would suggest a wise virgin do it manually and wait a while before doing it at all . . .

Oh really? I wasn’t looking at FreePBX when I posted this but thought there was an option in the module admin to apply updates automatically. If what you say is indeed true then this is a moot point! Thanks!

I just checked and you are right. Thanks for pointing that out. It was more of a random thought I had while at home thinking about it. Thanks!

SysAdmin Pro, will update the Operating System, FreePBX, Asterisk and FreePBX Modules and the various other components of the FreePBX Distro.

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Preston, while I hate to disagree with you, I have never, ever seen System Admin Pro update modules in FPBX. System Admin Pro, I have only seen update all the others you have mentioned. I always have to go into Module Admin and update the modules.

As of yet I have not seen System Admin Pro update anything since 6.12.65-27 upgrade, my update log is empty, blank.

Am I missing something? Maybe mine is not working for some reason?

If you look at the code for the upgrades I’m pretty sure the modules are updated in stage 1. The upgrade scripts can be examined here:

Yeah, I see what you mean. I think there may of been some confusion with module updates being updated when they are release. System Admin PRO updates modules only when and if there is a version upgrade for FreePBX. Yes in this case it is true, I have seen it do that in the past.

As for module upgrades, until a newer release comes out, they have to be done manually correct?

Yes… :smile:

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Thank you sir… That’s clears it up.