Freepbx management port

hello guys, i am wondering if someone can assign an ip for freepbx in order to access the web interface to assign users and whatever, and assign a different ip that would be the IP of the freepbx as a sip server (this ip is the ip at which the users register) ?

So now if i have a device with more than one Lan port, then i could assign one of them for the web interface and the other for the PBX.

It is possible to configure multiple interfaces as well as more than one IP on a single interface. The System Admin module handles this in the FreePBX Distro.

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thanks man … i entered system Admin module–> network settings

I should assign another ip for the other network interface!
but from now how could assign this IP to be used only for web interface and the other one for the PBX!

Use the firewall module to set the default classification of the interfaces on the ‘Interfaces’ tab and then define individual rues on the ‘Networks’ based on source IP. See this vid.


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