FreePBX Loosing Local Registrations


Last night, and again earlier this week, my ISP connection died (Charter --> Spectrum) causing the reasonable failure of SIPSTATION connectivity. Of course, I lost my OpenVPN to my remote office. This makes sense. The outage lasted a little over 3 hours.

What doesn’t make sense is after 15 minutes of network failure, the FreePBX server lost connectivity to the internal extensions. Examinations of uptimes tell me that my hardware (Switches, phones) was online, yet FreePBX 13 lost connection to all of the phones on the LAN.

My Nagios server told me my SIP connections (Digium phones) were offline. OK server is up, the AMI module is alive and responsive, but the SIP connections were not.

When the internet connection was restored, around 4:20am this morning, the SIPSTATION trunks came back rapidly, and a few clicks later, my OpenVPN connection was restored, and the remote phones registered. All automagically. The Local phones, however, remained unregistered.

I had to manually login and amportal restart to get the phones back online.

I have a customer a few blocks away from the main office who is running Spectrum ISP + SIPSTATION and FreePBX 12. They too lost the the ISP connection to SIPSTATION, and shortly after internet restoration, everything was back up and running. FreePBX 12 did not loose any LAN connections.

When the internet goes down, FreePBX 13 should not be loosing the local phones. Any idea on what is going on here?


If this was my issue the first thing I would look at is DNS at the server as well as at the telephone.

Back in asterisk 1.8-11.1 there was a bug that if your box registered to a sip provider using a domain name and not an IP when it looses connectivity with the provider the chan_sip locks up and everything sip goes offline even your local extensions. The solution was to register with an IP or running a DNS server on the asterisk box. Might be the same issue as all your phones should have been registered even if you didn’t have a sip connection to your provider. Why your local extensions didn’t register after the connectivity problem was solved might be another issue.

Same here, frankb.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for the information. I installed bind-chroot onto the FreePBX server, and will see how that works. Perhaps this weekend, I will kill the internet connection (kill with a route statement) and let it sit a few hours, and see if the phones remain linked.


Hello Everyone,

Well, I put in bind-chroot, and have not seen the problem since. Then again, I am not sure if we had a network failure to test against to ensure this is the solution. I will route out the internet for an hour overnight, and see if the phones bungle up.