Freepbx Log

Does freePBX save log files of what you have changed? Like for instance if I add a new module is there a place to see what modules have been added and when? Or if I delete an extension and add a Ring Group is there a place to check to see when it was added or deleted?


Is this someting you planned to add ?


you’ll need a developer to respond. But it’s been asked for before. Change tracking and roll back are not a easy thing to implement because of the data being stored in MySQL databases.

Some screens that you interact with may change several items all in different tables at once which makes it hard I’ve been told. Currently on any given screen when you save it re-writes everything, 95% of the time it really only changes one or two minor things so writing all the back end code to determine what was and was not really changed adds levels of complexity and code to the project that can slow things down.

I have one phone that will not call out to any extension. The display says unknown caller then call failed with a busy signal. I have a aastra 57CT phone. Using x-lite I can make a call to the aastra phone but not back to the x-lite phone.

Is there a log file that will track or give me more information to help me trouble shoot this issue? Where would the file be located?

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philippebolduc, it has been asked for in the past, but there is no commitment to include such a feature. It requires a major rewrite of the present code and the demand for it is is nearly null.

If someone feels like to write the code for it they are welcome to do so.