FreePBX log files

Hay yall

Does freePBX save log files of what you have changed? Like for instance if I add a new module is there a place to see what modules have been added and when? Or if I delete an extension and add a Ring Group is there a place to check to see when it was added or deleted?

Thanks in advance…


not really - there is a log mechanism but the information that is logged is not great. The closest thing you could get to that, which would be far from perfect and still missing data, would be to turn on mysql logging. But the output of that is going to be REALLY cryptic…

Maybe the powers that be can put some sort of LOG file into FreePBX. I wonder what that would take. The reason I asked is because I forgot some of the things that I did and wanted to find out what changes I made. I then thought that it would be nice to log any changes so you can see if the client has been messing with the system or anyone for that matter.

Thank you for your help.