Freepbx local to softphone help needed

Ok, bear with me. I am a total noob at all this. Ive scoured the forums for 3 days now and cannot figure out how to workout my problem. A lot of you on here are smart and seem to already know a lot about networking and how it all works based on the technical wording that is used. So im a total noob so expect uga buga talk from me.


I have a physical freepbx system running on a dell netbook. Everything is setup fine for basic use of calling someone and someone calling me.


I want to get into using clearly anywhere softphone. Now this is where all my problems begin. I apparently need to make my pbx system accessible to the outside world. This is where ive been stumped for 4 days now literally have messed up my sleeping pattern over this.

I dont even know how to word my question correctly so i hope i dont confuse anyone.

So i thought maybe i can make my own server at home and have my pbx somehow use it as a way for people to reach it? I looked online and apparently i can make an apache server and just use port 80 to access it online altho this is said to be very unsafe but after further investigation and at this point i dont even know if im doing anything right i think my issue is that my isp provider says it blocks port 80.

So does this mean no matter what i try i cant just have my pbx system reach the outside world and let me explain when i mean reach the outside world i mean so if i enter a website name like mypbx(dot)com it will go to my freepbx admin interface. I guess proper wording is have the outside world reach me using .com

So reason i want to do this is because i like messing with these things and want to learn and figure everything out on my own. I want to avoid paying for a cloud service.

So is it even possible to use clearly anywhere to have all my calls out texts route to it from anywhere that i may be in the world using physical hardware at home? Or do i need to have a cloud pbx system to achieve this?

Or is my isp blocking port 80 been my problem all along? Sorry if this question is very vague and whatnot but remember im not an experienced network admin or anything.

Any help is appreciated thanks.

I have no idea how clearly anywhere works, I guess it is utilizing FreePBX as it’s provisioning server. If that’s the case then they probably have documentation on what ports needs to be forwarded etc.

If you end up connecting via WAN, you’ll also need to port forward the SIP ports, unless if they allow you specify the LAN address as the SIP server.

One more way around it, would be setting up a A record on $ to resolve to the LAN IP.

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