FreePBX lite and what mongo/node.js do

Is there a way to make the freepbx less taxing for a system? Last night I made a debian installation on an atom laptop with 1.5gbyte ram. When I finished the debian installation I had 1.4 free ram, after the freepbx installation I got 70mbytes.
I want it for a single sip trunk and couple of phones, I know that with pure asterisk I can do it but I want the gui for the cdrs.

Also what mongo db and node.js are used for?

That’s how Linux uses memory, only a problem if you see a lot of usage of the swap space, 1.5 gig is more than enough , anecdotally I have excellent results for your size system on a Raspberry pi zero W.

Pure asterisk already does cdrs ootb in csv format, adding other backends is quite simple
(even mongodb

Heh nice that you have tested on the ras w. I wanted to get one because is ideal for such small installations.
Well yes I can always get the csv file and view the logs with calc or excel.

So the only solution is to run asterisk on its own and get freepbx in case that I have a more capable box.

Thanks dicko.

That is NOT what he said. He said you are misunderstanding how Linux handles memory and that FreePBX runs fine on a raspberry pi which is relatively limited. He also said for a minimal system FreePBX may be Overkill. All that in mind FreePBX or no FreePBX Linux will still do the same as it is not an issue it is how Linux works


YES JFINSTROM! I understood what he said. Thanks for the explanation. The second part of my post was me talking to myself. On the same laptop I want to run other services also beyond asterisk and freepbx (samba, hylafax with avantfax and iaxmodem and openvpn). Yep asking for trouble or just a mess about to happen but that is the plan. So just to keep my mind at ease I would like at least the system to have some ram available before start swapping. Heh I should have mentioned this at the first post.

So do you know what mongodb is used for?

Thanks for the input.

It’s used for XMPP chatting. Remove it if you want but mongodb doesnt use a lot of RAM.

MongoDB will (at least seem) to use up a lot of available memory, but it actually leaves it up to the OS’s VMM to tell it to release the memory (see Caching in the MongoDB docs.)

This is what @dicko already said. Thinking of memory in Linux the way you think of it in windows is the wrong approach.

You’ve failed to show us that your swap is being heavily used.

tm1000 you have taken too seriously my question. :smile: I have just made the installation and was fiddling around. The question related to the mongodb is unrelated to the ram question. In the past I have used sipxecs and the installation crashed without a way to repair it after a mongodb failure.

— Just finished installing everything I wanted and the system seems stable enough, so I don’t thing that this thread has any meaning. An op can close it.