Freepbx limitations

Hi all,

Since i’m deploying a platform based on freepbx that will manage fro sure hundreds, possibly tousands of clients, i’d like to know the limitations of freepbx, if they
exists, just to keep in mind how to scale.

Imagine a platform with 4gb ram, and 2xdualcore 2,2ghz cpu, diskspace as i wish, from
40gb to 1tb.
No analog\digital card, only sip trunks to gateways.

Asterisk 1.4.29 and later but not 1.6.x and freepbx 2.6

How many, extimated ofcourse, extensions can i manage?
how many sip trunks?
how many inbound\outbound routes? (imagine 100 gnr blocks)
how many virtual faxes, in a hylafax\iaxmodem environment for fax2mail and client2fax, can i manage?
(I’m plannig a separate installation dedicated to fax)

Thanks to all

Hundreds or thousands of extensions? Absolutely it is possible but extensions don’t really matter.

If you are serious about implenting a FreePBX based system you should attend the OTTS training seminar next month at Digium and get an in depth perspective.

Concurrent calls and busy hour call attempts are the most important factors in server dimensioning for Asterisk. You also must know the terminating and originating CODEC (these are standard VoIP design paramters).

In a system this large using distributed systems and high availability network architectures are a must.

If this sytem is to resell to end users then you have many more items to address.

Well more than extensions i’m thinking about inbound\outbound routes and trunks.

Yes i’m planning to have a reliable HA solutions, and to distribute the charge,
Unfortunatly i’m not in the USA so i cannot be at the OTTS, anyway it’s about
9 year i’m playing with asterisk so i have a good knowledge, i’m just trying to
compare my experience with someone else for so big deply since i haven’t done one