FreePBX LDAP authentication insists on LDAP RDN cn

We run FreePBX and users are being synchronised from OpenLDAP server. This works flawlessly.
In order to let the users log in to the UCP I tried to make the LDAP authentication work but I learned that FreePBX insists on the LDAP RDN cn as user name. If the user RDN is uid, mail or sth. else, the authentication will never succeed.
My question is if a newer FreePBX version than ours supports alternative RDNs (I would need mail, as our user accounts’ DNs look like this: [email protected],ou=Users,,o=domains,dc=mycompany,dc=com
If the latest stable FreePBX version still is restricted to cn , are the FreePBX makers aware of this issue and is it planned to fix it?
I searched the release notes and changelogs, but couldn’t find any change related to LDAP authentication.

Thanks for all considerations!

This isn’t a great place to ask that question, since none of us speaks for the company. This is a user forum. If you think this is something that might have a reasonable facility across installations, you could submit a Feature Request and see what happens.

Thanks for the hint!
I created a feature request and will update this thread if the request gets processed within seven days.

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