Freepbx latest install CLI login

I have just yum upgraded packages as a prerequisite to install a2billling. However, upon pressing a keyboard character username, the prompt fades and disappears completely. Disallowing me to enter anything.
Can anyone advise root cause yet and remedy please.


You need to be a little more descriptive. What is disappearing?

For the record A2Billing hasn’t had active development in almost 5 years. They do not actively support Asterisk 13 or higher. In fact someone tried this a year or so ago and their response was “We have community members that have made Asterisk 13 work but we have no plans on it”.

It’s a subpar program to begin with trying to use Asterisk for something that it’s not built for, being a switch.

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Thanks for your response. I’m a newbie so finding my way around. Very informative, helps alot.

The login prompt fades then completely disappears, leaving black screen.


You mean the A2Billing login after you installed it? Or the FreePBX Admin GUI login?

I have’nt yet installed a2billling, only the yum group install core dependent packages.

Its the Centos 7 CLI login prompt. Trying to login as root.

I have no idea. If you’re CLI prompt is disappearing or not giving you access that’s a server issue. Since this seems to be a manual (non-Distro/ISO) install, I have no clue on what you’ve actually done or how you attempted to set this up.

Ok. Thanks anyway. I’ll sort it. Happy to close this thread.

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