FreePBX Kickstart configuration issue on (U)EFI systems?

Starting with Cent OS 6.5 the Minimal install CD seems to be also fully EFI compliant. Therefore I try again a native EFI install on my Mac-mini. I have downloaded the latest Cent OS 6.5 based FreePBX-5.211.65-3-x86_64 build.

Well, to make it short, it failed again! It failed in exactly the same way like all previous (EFI modded) FreePBX-4.x install attempts.

The symptom is always identical, - after booting from install media, there is visible for a few seconds a “scrambled, distorted screen”. (Probably the wrong configured FreePBX grub-splash.xpm.gz image?) Then the whole installation is “falling back” immediately to stock Cent OS 6.5 install mode which is displayed then correctly.

After searching around the web I found a very interesting bug report on redhat bugzilla:

That sounds all very familiar, could it be possible that all these FreePBX Kickstart files / Kickstart sourcefiles are build somehow “EFI incompatible”?

Try to check it m myself, - was unable to find any “–fstype” or “bootloader --location=partition --driveorder=sda” parameters. My knowledge regrading all this is Linux stuff is too limited…