FreePBX Keynote Talk at AAUG VoIP Conference Tomorrow (4/16)

This is kind of last minute but better late right? I've indicated I wanted to do a project phone conference but procrastination seems to be something that runs in the blood some times! This time it may have worked out well though, as we'll turn it into a full fledged webinar and surround it by lots of other information if you are interested! The only caveat, there's not a lot of warning and you are going to have to give up part of your Saturday.

So … if you’d like to get an update / presentation on what’s been going on and what will be going on with FreePBX, mark your calendars (and be prepared for some minor elasticity). The Atlanta Asterisk Users Group is giving their yearly VoIP conference tomorrow, Saturday, April 16th and they asked me to give something of a Key Note Speech! (To be honest, it was more like cosmicwombat, who is also speaking tomorrow, mentioned to me in a casual conversation earlier this week “I see you are giving the keynote talk this year…” and sure enough, that’s what it said on the site!)

If you are interested in hearing about an overview of the major changes in FreePBX 2.9 that is just being released, about the plans/projects on the 2.10 roadmap, and about what’s going on with the Distro and a bit of background and information about it, then please register for the AAUG Conference and keep your eyes on the conference agenda to see where the final schedule lands me. (They say it should be about 2:30PM EDT, give or take 30 minutes as I think schedules are going through last minute juggling). Following the talk will be plenty of time for Q&A to both me and other participants and I’m happy to try and answer any and all questions that come up! I really hope to virtually see some of you there (and a few of you in real life too!)

So what is going on with 2.9 since I keep saying I’m going to make it final and it’s still sitting in a release candidate state? In all reality, I should have bumped it earlier this week as the tickets coming in are all indicating that it’s basically good to go! (A lot of them are some translations for localization still flowing in which we don’t hold up the release for.) Anyhow … I’ve had a habit in one or two of some past releases of pushing out a final release (in a bit of a rush) and then getting on a coast to coast flight just to land and find my mailbox flooded with some dumb bug I introduced breaking a bunch of people! (Never anything that took down a phone system, but obviously annoying if you were someone who couldn’t update an extension or something of the sort for a day!) So … I’m just trying to be a bit more consciences about my timing, since nothing is stopping all of you well over 3000 2.9 users from benefiting from all the great stuff we’ve been having so much fun with! (And, as I speak, I’m about to board my coast to coast flight from Seattle to Atlanta for the conference, I don’t want to be fixing bugs and speaking at the same time!).

As far as the Distro is concerned, the response has been awesome so please keep the feedback coming and if you haven’t had a chance, go try it out! It’s technically still in beta though so far, so good, everything seems to be checking out so if you are comfortable running 2.9, I would go for it if you are looking for something to deploy! (And 2.9 is full of all sorts of bug fixes that never made it into 2.8 or prior…)

On a closing note, if you’ve been interested in FreePBX Training our class is almost full so don’t procastinate too much longer if you’ve been planning on joining the party! There were 5 slots left last time I looked so now’s the time. Also, we got some great rates at the Marriott Residence Inn right by the training facility which are only good for another few days if I recall so take advantage of the opportunity while it’s still there and also get some first hand deep information on 2.9 and the new Distro from all of us involved in bringing it to you!

For now, I hope to see you tomorrow!

Philippe - On behalf of the FreePBX Team!