Freepbx keeps deactivating for no reason

I have had issues with my server becoming deactivated apparently at random. It happened again today. My server suffered a power loss, and when I restarted it, it was deactivated. I am now out of resets on the account, and I have purchased modules I can’t use. I assume I can contact someone and they can reset things for me, but if all it takes is a reboot to lose my activation, how am I supposed to keep this from happening again?

What is it that Sangoma uses to determine that the hardware has changed? My hardware is exactly the same, and it thinks it is different hardware.

If you Google search “FreePBX deactivated after reboot” you’ll see a ton of posts, most of them suggesting that it happened due to a network change, hosted VPS config messup, etc.

Can you please elaborate more on your setup?

I do have this on a KVM virtual server, but when this first happened, I went into the config and copied down the mac address in the hardware configuration to ensure I had it in case it was what changed, and so far it is still the same mac address. That has not changed. I don’t know what other hardware configurations might change due to a server reboot that might be used, or how to ensure they won’t change.

To elaborate a bit more, this server has been up for two years. I had absolutely no trouble for over a year and a half. It just started since I renewed the license for the endpoint manager. I don’t see any reason the EPM would have anything to do with this happening though.

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