Freepbx Jolt Select Dial PBX - Chrome Plugin

Hey Guys,

I saw another post asking about this so i decided to post this as its own post explaining my plugin.

I built a chrome plugin called Jolt Select Dial PBX

There is a link to a Youtube video with integration instructions included on the plugin description.

Please let me know if you have any comments or if you would like to contribute to the development.


I have made slight change to call.php so the number dialled is included in the call history, otherwise all calls are recorded as WebCall.

line 49 $strCallerId = “Click to Call $number”;

Will also be adding a few option such as voicemail /DND etc etc if thats ok?



Feel free to comment and suggest contributions on github.

I just made some updates based on comments

  1. Updated sterilization on number and extension
  2. Added open cnam caller ID lookup

This is a great little php script and extension. I wanted to thank you, it’s really helped us in our adoption of FreePBX. I’m surprised more people haven’t commented on here about it.

One little thing that would be nice on the Chrome extension would be to have a small phone icon show up next to a phone number, instead of having to highlight and right click. I saw another extension a long time ago that seemed like it was able to do this.

Thanks again!

I also struggled with this quite a bit. I ended up just commenting both lines out and simply having $strCallerId = $ext: in there on a line by itself. I don’t get a helpful display on the phone with this, but at least CDR works, and most importantly call recording works with this, so the user can view the recording in their UCP. If I set the CallerId to anything else the CDR does not attribute the call to the user correctly and no recording is done.

@bdolnik i’m happy you enjoyed it. The caller ID was just something i added but you can change that to whatever…
As far as the link on the webpage… i specifically did not add that since i am a web developer by profession and i hate when things mess with my code during testing… or showing a customer…

the next feature i will eventually be adding is the ability to have a larger phone book to click off of… perhaps even a website to log into to manage your contacts… maybe a mobile website or app to access as well.

i have also been working on the call.php file as a means of initiating a call to ring out to a cell phone an then call someone. this can be done by changing the code to:

$strChannel = "SIP/"$TrunkName"/".$DialOutNumber;

Hi guys any update on this plugin i try to make it work but i cant i follow all the videos and instruction.
But nothing happens when i select a number or type a number in the phone field.

Hi guys this looks like exactly what I need. How to I get the call.php file into freepbx and where is best to locate it? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks