FreePBX IVR Playback option

Hi, i’ve got few question about IVR.

  1. Is there any way or function to play Announcements not via app_background but via app_playback, is it possible?
  2. Is it a way to be able to add few announcements to one IVR menu?
  3. Is it a way to override IVR s extension via include? like ive got ivr-3 and just want to сostumize it via ivr-3-custum, like change ${CALLERID(num)}.

As i see, best way is to specify files to play like ivr menu, and then call them via background or playback with “&” between them.

Patch uploaded for solving 1st and 2nd question.

When might this patch be released as an IVR module update? I have no knowledge on how patches work within the releases, programmers and getting stuff like this out.

I ask because stringing announcements in the distro, has not been reliable


i have written note about this patch to dev team and in bug report. it was tested only in 2.9 freepbx with asterisk 1.8 . and i have no experience in module writing/patching or how to do it correct.