FreePBX IVR / End Point Language change (PJSIP)

Hi all,

I’m new hear, come from Holland and i’ve a FreePBX 12.013, Asterisk 12.6.0, PJSIP server.

I want to change the language setting for my endpoints/IVR etc to dutch (nl),

So i installed the sound files from www. gosselaar .net/trixbox/trixbox.html
follewed the installation instruction which mentions to edit sip_general_custom.conf
and add language=nl

pretty easy, BUT i’m using PJSIP and obviously editting sip_ general_custom.conf didn’t work…

For SIP it’s under SIP_Settings, Advanced General Settings, language but this is missing/different for PJSIP

I’ve googled around, searched on this forum, but all i can achieve is a very temporary solution by editting
pjsip.endpoint_custom.conf where i add under the [extension] language=nl
That works great (test it with *60 talking clock for ex.)

But after a config save in GUI/restart it’s back to the default ENglish…
What do i do wrong, where can i edit this correctly so it survives an update/upgrade/config save.

Can anybody give me a hand on this ?
Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards

I am also trying to set language for PJSIP and unlike settings page for chan_sip, chan_pjsip has no language setting. How do I define a system-wide language default when I enable PJSIP only?

Hi Marcelo,

Yesterday, I found it myself…

I only needed to install the languages module by accessing admin/module admin/ and install this module.
And than enter the language code (in my case nl) at the endpoints.

That was pretty much all i had to do.
So the PJSIP part has nothing to do with this problem i’ll guess.

Good luck