FreePbx issue usa number


i have a problem with a number on my freePbx…

It is a usa number but i’m not in USA…
I want that if someone call this number in his country (usa), the call will be transfered in a extensions number like this (101).

I guess i must have to use Trunk but i don’t how this work.

Sorry for my english.

Thank you !

You need to contact an ITSP (Internet Telephone Service Provider) and get a number. Set up your PBX to connect a trunk to the ITSP.


Do you have other DIDs (ie phone numbers)?

If you do, do you ave an inbound route for each one of them or an ANY/ANY one?

(I don’t use ANY/ANY routes but I believe the order in which any additional routes are declared when those are present is important and that the ANY/ANY route would need to be the last one…)

What you want to do is to add an Inbound route for that DID and set it’s Destination to the extension you want to have it forwarded to…

The fact that it’s in another country is unimportant, you just need to make sure the DID number you put in your Inbound route matches what your provider provides you with.

Some providers might provide you with something in the format 15555551212 while others might provide it in the format 5555551212, you have to make sure you use the right one…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Oh ok thank you !

I will check this monday :wink: