FreePBX is brilliant, but some features need to catch up with VitalPBX (also Asterisk based) - WARNING: LONG POST!

Again, it’s been awhile so I don’t remember how it worked exactly but yes, there was some trick someone else pointed out to test my bug fix. It’s in my comments history somewhere. However, it was not anything that I could run in production so it all ended up being a waste of time after I found that out. I don’t want to have go through Sangoma just to get my pull requests approved and be able to use my own bug fixes.

Any time you can alter code it’s a security risk. That’s just how code works. I don’t want that inability imposed on me. I don’t want someone deciding what I can and cannot alter. That’s moving further and further away from the whole philosophy of “open source”. Besides, you already have the signature checking for that. Something I am also not a fan of but at least I can disable that.

You could just use the signing methods and sign the updated module code. That would solve the needs to be signed to hook into other modules problem.

I could be wrong but I was under the impression that it’s kind of a hassle to do that.

It’s really not. You use the available tools to generate a GPG key and you can start signing modules locally (per system). If you want it signed against the FreePBX Master Key then you have to do a Key Signing Agreement and an extra step or two after approval.

Creating a key to locally sign modules is like 10 minutes of work, if that.

It was postulated that it was a ‘feature’ not a ‘bug’, you are apparently confusing the more general concept of ‘feature’ as understood by the general GNU community, with the far narrower concept of a FreePBX ‘feature code’, I suggest you get your own ‘Agreement’ to sign your work or do a bit more RTFM perhaps ?

I am not talking about feature codes and I’m not sure what dots you are connecting to arrive at that conclusion.

Nor was he. A code feature not star codes.

So, given ‘its been a while . . .’, 'I don’t remember . . ', 'there was some trick . . ‘, ’ I don’t want to . . .’ and so forth and so on

What exactly are you bitching about given that you can ‘disable that’ ?

It is perhaps up to you to connect any dots you have left in your argument :wink:

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