FreePBX Internal Only System

I am new to the forum and FreePBX. I would like to create an internal only PBX system for use around my property. I do not want to be connected to the internet or an outside phone line. All I want to do is to be able to make calls between my IP phones.

I am running RasPBX (Raspberry Pi), and have two Grandstream (GXP1160) phones. How would I go about configuring the phones and FreePBX to accomplish my task?

Thanks in advance.

There is a lot of info in the wiki on how to use and configure FreePBX. You might try reading some of it.

Yeah, I understand there is a lot of information in the Wiki, hence the need for the Wiki. I have browsed the Wiki and these forums. I am just looking for someone to point me in the right direction, like is this even possible. I have every intent on learning how to do this, even if I have to learn it on my own.

After scouring the forums the past couple of days, I have gathered that your response is the typical tone for these forums. Hopefully, the “tone” improves.

You basically set it up without connecting it to the PSTN. Thats the way most of my installs start out. make sure i can call ext ext and then set up the trunks.


The “tone” is only taken when folks want to be spoon fed. Specific questions are always answered.

If you had just said “will the system work without an Internet connection” you would have gotten an answer without all the rhetoric.


Thanks for the reply. For your method above, do I need to configure the SIP (not sure if I am referencing SIP correctly).

So, I should be able to call extension to extension once they are added under extensions and my phones are configured correctly?

It will work…it should all become evident as you set it up.


Go on, just try to read the wiki, start with

It pretty well covers all the bases.