FreePBX integration with CCME 8

Hi everyone,

As a newbie in VOIP world, I have configured both Asterisk Freepbx and CCME. What I need is to connect both of them route call from one to another.
extention 4XXX


FYI everything is virtually implemented (GNS and VMware)

Thanx in advance

Simply set up a trunk and the appropriate in/out routes on FreePBX

On the Cisco you just need Voip dial peers for the 4XXX pattern

No authentication or registration required. Just setup a basic trunk in FreePBX

host=ip of CCME

Here is a sample Cisco Voip SIP dial peer:

dial-peer voice 40 voip
description Direct Dial out to VG2
destination-pattern 1…
session protocol sipv2
session target ipv4:192.168.xx.xx
session transport udp
incoming called-number .T
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
codec g711ulaw
no vad

SkykingOH-great info and just what I was looking for. I know what the outbound route would look like (dial pattern indicating extensions on the cisco platform). But what would the inbound route look like? Im thinking of connecting two freepbx systems together and I don’t remember having to include an inbound route for either. Thanks for your help!

Depends on what context you put your trunk in.

If you put it in from-internal you can’t use the inbound routes module the calls simple go to the same dial plan as if a phone was connected.

You could also from-trunk then you have to deal with the dial patters in the inbound routes