FreePBX integrates with

Do you have any plan to integreate FreePBX with
It is really nice IM platform for companies use. Maybe your team can consider that for a new UC feature.

No. We just moved to a new chat server for Zulu recently. I suggest you take a look at it.

From my perspective integration with 3rd party chat systems (Slack, Mattermost, RocketChat, et al) is going to become a bigger deal going forward. Adding Yet Another Chat System to the mix with its own feature set, limitations, and ecosystem, just so we have integration with our phone system, is not the direction we want to go. And the big advantage of the above systems is that they explicitly invite you to integrate with other systems and supply ecosystems of integrations.

Personally, I’d suggest the investment in chat for Zulu would be better spent on making integration with 3rd party chat systems easier.

So does let’s chat. Which is a variant of rocket chat. There are several like this that all do the same thing.

And let’s chat is what we have in FreePBX as of a few weeks ago. We replaced the old prosody xmpp chat with let’s chat which gives you unlimited flexibility. Zulu is just a chat client.